In order to gain the benefits of this millennia era, an organization will be required to choose the right solution and in the right management and governance approach. Such a solution that right solve the root cause of the problem, and with a comprehensive approach of governance and management. Then here we are offering the right solution and approach suitable for this millennia. We are Millennia Solusi Informatika. Develop it, Manage it, Succeed it.

We focus on IT Management Consultant, Software Development, & IT-Managed Services.

IT Management Consultant

For successful IT implementation, an organisation should treat IT in a complete and integrated perspective.We establish a knowledge-based company to help our clients on gaining the value of IT through an integrated approach we have.

We mean delivering the integrated value of IT to your business.

Software Development

We are a software development company having specialized teams, highly qualified and experienced IT professionals who can delivered the best software solution to a spread of businesses across different industries. With our innovative digital solutions we help your business achieve new heights and grow exponentially to maximize your profits.

IT Managed Services

Our managed services help you with the operations of your information technology environments. We provide you with technical expertise, service consistency, and flexibility across multiple vendors, technologies, and geographies. Reduce your overheads and improve efficiency by leveraging our scale, methodologies, and high levels of standardisation.